The real origins of Bitcoin

Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, has long been a mystery. The inventors have gone by a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. GMG’s technology flagship site, Gizmodo, yesterday identified one of the creators as an Australian technologist. But there’s a weirder angle to the story: his business partner died in poverty in Florida even…



In today’s crowded and confusing digital media world, you should focus on your strengths and have a clear message for your audience. That’s especially true for a self-funded digital media company like Gawker Media Group, alone among our peers in having achieved substantial audience scale without outside capital.

Multimedia stories

Gawker Media Group is not committed to any particular medium. Its writers produce written stories, and are energized by a continuous conversation with readers. But they have often used their words to introduce clips, from the early days of Youtube embeds to the current boom in original video. We tell stories in…