Incoming CTO Ian Fette is focused on the personalization of the reader experience on Gawker, Gizmodo and the other Gawker Media Group sites. As Slate noted in this profile, the former Google product manager has a highly relevant background. He studied computer science at the University of Michigan and then did two years of graduate research at Carnegie Mellon, where he focused on machine learning and privacy. But then Google came knocking and Fette spent about eight years as a manager, first working with the Chrome group and then with Gmail—two Google products known for implementing predictive features. One project Fette worked on in grad school “was trying to use machine learning to detect phishing emails, which at the time—this was like 2005—was a very novel problem,” he said. “Now here I am at Gawker and we’re trying to figure out how do we highlight the best of the comments? How do we keep the spam out? So it’s very relevant.”